Notes On Contracts And Commercial Practice

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Contracts and Commercial Practice

It is proposed that a design and build form of procurement be used to carry out the works. Contrast this form of procurement with alternative methods of procurement with which you are familiar. Highlight the merits and demerits in each case. (25 Marks)

Introduction - What is procurement?
Procurement is the function describing the activities and processes necessary to acquire goods and services. It involves establishing what is required, sourcing suitable products and/or services to deliver such and the evaluation of the options available and the negotiation of contracts with the successful party to enable delivery of what is being procured.

Procurement process
The client, Abbey University, will initially put together a procurement team to manage the procurement process. In respect of the Park Terrace project this is likely to consist of the Dean, Bursar and a Project Manager, together with the professional team consisting of the Principal Designer, Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer and Services Engineer. The procurement team will agree the most suitable procurement method, the tender rules and timescales, and ultimately choose which contractors will be invited to tender for the works. In order to choose suitable contractors Abbey University may consider contractors they or their professional team have used for similar work. Alternatively they may advertise the
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