Notes On Culture And Culture

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Chapter 2: Bee Larvae and Onion Soup: Culture [34] What is Culture? [35]
Culture is what is unique to human beings because of our capacity to conceptualize the world and to communicate those conceptions symbolically. [34] Eight definitions:
1. Edward Tylor (1871): Culture as accumulated human accomplishment
Culture or civilization is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.
At the same time, a prominent Victorian attitude was that culture or civilization was something that one could possess to differing degrees a wine taster is more cultured than a Bud aficionado. 2. Franz Boas (1930): Kulturbrille cultural glasses
Culture embraces all the manifestations of social behavior of a community, the reactions of the individual as affected by the habits of the group in which he lives, and the product of human activities as determined by these habits.
The Bee Larva/Onion Soup incidents [38-9]: Mixtecs think of bee larvae as a delicacy and Onions as, at best, a condiment, and one that makes you stupid if you eat it to excess. Monaghan experienced disgust eating larvae, the Mixtec in eating onion soup. This demonstrates the Kulturbrille phenomenon, that is, that experience is not simply given to us not even experiences like nausea that we normally take to be completely natural. Instead these are controlled by culturally determined categories. The
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