Notes On Debt And Debt

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6) The Danger of Debt Debt is not a sin, debt is never the real problem, it is only symptomatic of real problems-greed, self-indulgence, impatience, fear, poor self-image, lack of self-worth, lack of self-discipline, and perhaps many others.
7) There are Five Different Kinds of Debt
1. Credit card debt 2. Consumer debt 3. Mortgage debt 4. Investment debt 5. Business debt The primary economic danger of debt is that compounding work against you rather than for you. Decide not to go into debt and become debt free. Biblical Principles of borrowing is waiting on God Timing and not our own.
Dollars spent today take multiple dollars out of the future, but dollars saved puts dollars back into the future.
We need a financial planner to help make the right move. 1) summarize present situation 2) establish financial goals 3) increase cash-flow margin.
8) Setting Financial Goals
1) Believe in accomplishment
2) Set goals and objectives
3) Personal motivation
4) Spend time with God
5) Take action

9) Avoiding Financial Mistakes What is required on your part are two things; first trust that God will do his part, and second, take action by making a first step. If we would comment to God’s way things will be better for us, if we give God the flexibility to do things his way, with his timing and his resources. Common mistake: A consumptive lifestyle is simply spending more than you can afford, or spending more than you should, given your other goals and priorities. Common mistake:…

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