Notes On Endangered Species Table

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Endangered Species Table Animal name Bigeye tuna (thunnus obesus) Mistbelt chirping frog (anhydrophryne ngongoniensis) Atlas dwarf viper (vipera monticola) Kirtland’s warbler (dendroica kirtlandii) Bengal tiger (panthera tigris tigris) Picture Website Reference for Picture Wildscreen Arkive Audubon Tigers World Physical Traits They grow as long as 200+ cm., They can be as heavy as 180+ kg,. They are long. They go through regulating their temperature by returning from deeper, waters that are cool to shallower thar are of course warmer waters. They have a sandy looking to golden brown with four stripes of a dark brown.. . They regulate their body temperatures through their environment. They can control their body temperatures by changing their color to affect how much solar radiation they receive or by absorbing or evaporation water through their skin. They are a small species, with a maximum length of 16 inches. They are venomous, with a brown color speckled with a dark black-brown color. They live in high areas. Even though they are cold-blooded, they do have some control over their body temperature. They can slither in and out of the sun or retreat into the shade or underground. The male kind plumage is bright yellow colored with black and bluish gray feathers in the back,. The female 's plumage is bright;.The length of the bird is usually less than 6
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