Notes On Fedex 's Organizational Culture

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I have worked at FedEx Express for almost 25 years! Most of my career at FedEx has been in operations management. Originally, FedEx’s organizational culture was shaped by our founder Frederick W. Smith. Growth and leadership changes for the company have changed the culture to fit the growing needs and direction of the company. When reviewing the layers of organization culture as defined by Kreitner and Kinicki (2013), FedEx has several observable artifacts. Most FedEx employees know there are hundreds of acronyms! Like most companies, there is an uniform dress code which all employees have to comply to, especially those that have face to face interaction with customers. There are several awards which are also observable…show more content…
It focuses more on control than flexibility in a very structured environment. There are internal processes and control mechanisms that were measured daily. The stability of the company is important. Because stability is important, FedEx measures its performance by the second ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. After reviewing the Netflix presentation on the Netflix website,, there are some concepts or practices that FedEx can take from Netflix. In my opinion, Netflix 's organizational culture type is clan culture. Internal focus and flexibility are important as opposed to stability and control. It is a more of a family-type organization, which according to Kreitner and Kinicki (2013), is a resemblance of a clan culture. Netflix 's company value is measured by "who gets rewarded, promoted, or let." Netflix appreciates their employees or work family. One way FedEx shows their appreciation is by promoting from within the company as opposed to hiring external applicants . More time and resources placed on training and preparing its employee for promotion would be an improve. The behavior and skills mentioned in the Netflix presentation are similar to the nine leadership dimensions that FedEx management applicants have to exhibit before getting a management position. FedEx should review these dimensions with all employees, not just employees

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