Notes On Futures League Mission Statement

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Futures League Mission Statement:

To provide student-athletes from New England and New England Colleges the opportunity to compete with and play with the elite players from across the country and to promote them to MLB organizations. Each roster must contain at least 13 players from New England or from a New England University/College. In addition, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League will provide a family friendly, affordable, and fun experience for the communities that we play in, in a minor league style setting. Who will be the first?!

History & Role Team/ Baseball plays in the community-

The city of Worcester, Massachusetts has been the home of many baseball franchises since the "Worcester Worcesters" or more commonly known the Worcester Ruby Lets were born in 1880. At that time in professional baseball history the game was different, it was played with only a bat and a ball no safety equipment or manicured fields. Over the years Worcester has seen many sports teams come and go such as The Sharks, the Tornadoes, the Worcesters, the Surge, the Marauders, the IceCats, the Counts, the Astros, the Blazers, and the Bombardiers to name a few.

The Bravehearts are currently the only baseball team in Worcester starting their second season in 2016. The prior franchise the Tornados left the fans of Worcester in a wave criticism in 2012. The team experienced a financial meltdown, lawsuits for back wages, and repossession of team items such as uniforms and

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