Notes On Inerrancy And Inspiration Essay

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Fedner Faustin
THEO 201 B01
Short Essay on Inerrancy and Inspiration
Men, as worshipping creatures, are always looking for a supreme being to adore. They always are looking for the source of truth, and asking many questions regarding what they should believe because there are many sects out there which teach different doctrines, or even deny the deity of God and worship other gods. When it comes to the Holy Bible, people are digging further in the outside world to get some responses that are themselves found in the Bible. One of the questions that is asked the most is: « Does the Bible really have Authority? ». The Bible is the word of God. As it says in the Bible, the word of God is authoritative, inspired and inerrant.
Authority in a general sense means the power to decide or to command, to impose one’s will to others. As far as the Bible is concerned, it is also authoritative in almost the same way. The authority of God can be seen in two angles; first, God has the authority over everything, he does whatever He wants. In Psalms 135:6, it says; “Whatever the LORD pleases, He does, in heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps.” As it can be seen, everything that is written in the bible has accomplished or is being accomplished. What God says with is mouth His hands accomplish them. Second, the authority of his word is infallible; it cannot be broken. His words will stay forever. In John 10:35 (KJV), the last sentence says, “…and the scripture cannot be broken.”

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