Notes On Life Styles Inventory

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Life Styles Inventory
Jameka S. Carter
Ms. Hallcom

Life Styles Inventory
Individuals possess different skills that have an impact on their thinking and management style. The style varies from individual to individual depending on their opinions, perceptions, thoughts, and skills. The Life Style Inventory is a tool, which can be used to analyze and evaluate the management and leadership skills of an individual. The LSI has different styles and individuals can rate the styles according to their own skills. It will help in analyzing the management and leadership capabilities of an individual by evaluating the key skills. I have taken the LSI test to analyze and examine my skills, which can help in selecting an appropriate management and leadership style to achieve success and growth.

Personal Thinking Styles The cognitive and thought process of individuals is influenced by the personal attributes, skills, capabilities, and perceptions of individuals. The personal thinking style varies from individual to individual depending on various factors and resources. Evaluation of personal skills helps in developing and enhancing skills so that success can be achieved. The LSI results have helped me in realizing my personal thinking style, which has a strong impact on my behavior, perception, and attitude. The LSI result suggests that I belong to the avoidance category, which means that I use defensive and aggressive strategies to prove my point and
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