Notes On Maori Culture And Indian Culture Essay

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Meetings and presentation
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Maori culture 3
About the Maori people 3
Maori hui 3
A typical agenda 4
The process and regulations to be followed at a hui 5
Records during hui meetings 5
Etiquette 5
Any regulation and statutory requirements associate with such a meeting 6
New Zealand legislation companies act 1993 6
The basis of meeting 6
Chairperson 7
Notice of meeting 7
Voting 7
Proxies 7
Kiwi culture 7
KIWI culture of business meetings. 7
A typical agenda 8
A process required for the meeting 8
Ground rules 9
After the meeting checklist 9
Glossary 10
Works Cited 11

Maori culture
Understanding the New Zealand andNew Zealanders means understanding the influence of Maori people and culture.
About the Maori people: The Maori people are native people of the New Zealand, and they have their own different The Reo (language) its and official language too with English.
Around 600,000 people in New Zealand are Maori. (, 2010)
Maori hui

Maori hui is a formal gathering at Marae (court) especially for family marriage celebration and tangi (funerals) as we as business meetings. Also the local groups they share their whanau, hapu, iwi( born,family, people)The Pakeha (European) in particular and other nation’s people are most likely to go to the Hui to meet maori people and their cultures as well as their business systems. So it’s a different way
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