Notes On Marketing : Coca Cola Essay

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Relation to Marketing: Coca Cola Jared Brozowski Marketing Dr. Chad M. Stevens Cola has been around for ages. In technical terms, there is not a need of cola yet so many people find themselves drinking it every day. Globally, but especially in the U.S., there is a very big want of Coca-Cola and its affiliate products. They are a huge company with a lot of financial benefits backing up their name. Any place you go to whether it is out to eat or an amusement park, you find yourself asking if they have Coke or Pepsi products. And a majority of the time, you tend to hear that they have Coke products because they have more control of the market. Coke was founded in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton who was a pharmacist from Atlanta (Coca-Cola History). It all started from creating the flavored syrup and it was combined with carbonated water which coined the well-known drink Coca Cola (Coca-Cola History). This was all accomplished in a small local pharmacy. Pemberton’s partner and book keeper, Frank M. Robinson is credited with naming it “Coca-Cola” and designing the trademark (Coca-Cola History). Some of the first servings were sold for 5 cents per glass and their sales started around 9 servings per day in the city of Atlanta (Coca-Cola History). Coca-Cola operates through a franchised distribution system, which was started in 1889 (The Coca-Cola System). This means they only produce syrups, which is a concentrate that they add with carbonated water to make the soda
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