Notes On Mathematics And Tennis

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Mathematics and Tennis
By: Musse Y.
Course: IB Math SL
Teacher: Dr. Ley

Since I was a kid I had good interest for tennis. I would spend hours just sitting and watching tennis games. By the time I was 8-years-old my dad bought a table tennis(ping pong table). He taught me how to play and keep a score. At first it was hard to learn, but once I get a hang of it was one of the best things I learned from my father. I still remember the first time I won a match between me and my father it felt so good to beat him. If I remember right we played 3 set of games and he won the 1st set 6-1, I won the 2nd set 6-4, and the I won the 3rd set 6-4 again. I went to middle school in my country Ethiopia and they had a table …show more content…

I took his challenge and like all the students I played he was weak too. I played with him all semester and he lost in every game. I asked him if there was a table tennis team here at John F. Kennedy high school so I can join, but his answer was that we don’t have table tennis team because it wasn’t that much of a popular sport. Sophomore year I found out that there was a tennis team in John F. Kennedy but it wasn’t table tennis. So I tried out for the Boys Varsity Tennis team and I was bad at it, but the coche Mr. King who was also at the time my NSL Government teacher let me join the team. I thought it would be easier because I already knew how to play table tennis but it was totally different and harder. Within a week I start getting good at it and by the end of the season i fell in love with tennis. I spent all my summer 2016 practicing tennis and I got so good at it. In this Mathematics Internal Assessment I will be exploring how is played by adding all the basics mechanical principles that have effect on the tennis ball and mechanical principles of any objects that are in spinning motion.

Math IA Proposal The most fun part of tennis is the rally it’s when two opponents hit the tennis ball back and forth by using the tennis racket until one of the players make a mistake. During at that time there are a variety of basic mechanical principles that have effect on the trajectory of the tennis ball. It is impossible to easily derive a simple

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