Notes On Middle School Psychology

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Lexie Bieber Commentary 5 Middle School Psychology As the first child in the family, I believe this is one of my biggest identities. I am the oldest of four kids, I have always felt as if I needed to set the bar really high for my siblings to follow in my footsteps. I never want my siblings to ever regret something they did or didn’t do, my biggest motto is, “If you want something, go work for it, it will mean so much more.” In high school and even now I am very involved, I have always thought before acting, if my family would approve of what I’m doing right now. My biggest fear is getting in trouble or having my family ashamed of me. I try to avoid all situations where these options could be possible. During high school, I feel as if I encountered a period of moratorium, it was not easy to tell my friends, “no”. Many of my friends would go drinking, doing drugs or illegal things in general. A part of me wanted to do all these “fun” things because my friends were doing it, but I never thought twice after picturing the results of the cops or punishment even from my parents. I saw my friends make some mistakes they wish they could take back, I didn’t want to be that role model in my siblings life. My littlest brother is only six, so he is very observant in everything we do because we are all different ages. Anything we do, he tries to copy. School doesn’t come easy to any of us kids, I was always studying and doing homework at nights after all my activities. My
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