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Khalifah Alkhaldi Music Class 04-15-2017 There is something alluring about traditions. No matter how far away from home one gets, they will always cherish the manner in which things are done back at home. They retain even the slightest things that will help them hold on to the past or the way of life that they have left behind. They will cook or serve food in a certain way because it is their sentimental way of remaining attached what they were familiar with. This is also the case with my choice of music. I came to study in United States a while back and I have come to pick up a few things about the way people do things but I am yet to let go of my old ways. I have come to learn and accept the music that people listen to in this country…show more content…
I also did not want the back seats because they are the lousiest seats one can get. What is the importance of sitting in a spacious isle side if you cannot see some members of the ensemble? I made sure to arrive a little bit late so that I could just walk in and settle down after the arrival of the performing bands without having to sit through the music department’s opening speech. I came in just in time for the commencement of the first piece. I sat and stared at the front at this lady who was doing a solo performance. I could already tell that the night was only going to pick up from this point. With her eyes closed and her head swaying with every stroke her hand made, all the people wanted to do was look at her and share the same calmness that she portrayed. It was as if the world had shut down leaving her to enjoy the calm state. I envied how she could just forget the world even for a second and relish in the world she had created. She was just a tip of the amazing things that the night had in store. Two flute choirs down the line and I was listening to Celtic music. The traditional music was even better than the music the flute choir played. All along I stared at this young girl sitting close to the leader of the Celtic crue. There was something familiar about her, something that had not only captured my eyes but my full attention. The more I
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