Notes On Mutual Fund Industry

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CHAPTER — I OVERVIEW OF MUTUAL FUND INDUSTRY IN INDIA CONTENTS: 1.1 Introduction 1.2 What is Mutual Fund? 1.3 Evolution of Mutual Fund Industry 1.4 Universal Role of Mutual Fund 1.5 Organization Structure of Mutual fund 1.6 Foundation of Mutual Fund in India 1.7 Growth of Mutual Funds in India 1.8 Kinds of Mutual Funds 1.9 Benefits of Mutual Funds 1.10 Drawback of Mutual Funds 1.11 Mutual Fund & Capital Market 1.12 Role of Security Exchange Board of India 1.13 Role of Association of Mutual Fund in India 1.1 INTRODUCTION: The Indian financial system based on four basic parts like money Market, money establishments, money Service, and money Instruments. All area units play basic position for light events for the relinquishing of…show more content…
in keeping with the expansion monetary sector and second generation restructurings its ought to execution of the financial sector. It’s conjointly ought to providing the economical service to the capitalist largely if the investors area unit offer bit, in this purpose of read the investment trust play very important for higher service to the little investors. The most vision for the analysis for this study is to scrutinize the performance of 5 star rated mutual funds, given the load of risk, return, and assets beneath management, web assets worth, value and value earnings quantitative relation. 1.2 WHAT IS A MUTUAL FUND? Mutual fund is that the pool of the cash supported the trust who invests the savings of a number of investors who shares a standard money goal, just like the capital appreciation and dividend earning. The cash therefore collect is then invested with in capital market instruments such as shares, debenture, and foreign market. Investors invest cash and obtain the units as per the unit price that we have a tendency to refer to as NAV (Net Assets Value). investment company is that the most suitable investment for the soul because it offers a chance to speculate in wide-ranging portfolio management, sensible analysis team, professionally

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