Notes On New Laptops And Office For Configuration

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Summary Notes Byron brought two new laptops to our office for configuration. Purchased two licenses for Microsoft Outlook 2013 for them. Ran the setup on one of the systems for Stacey. Renamed the computer and created a user account for her. Installed and activated Office. Configured Stacey 's email account. Charles reported that his computer locked up when transferring photos from his camera. He received a message to disconnect the device. After the incident, the system ran Windows recovery on boot up and did so several times. Connected remotely to the computer. Viewed Windows event viewer and found several errors concerning a controller error on Harddisk1, indicating failure of an external device. There were other errors concerning drivers and applications that could not be accessed by Windows, indicating corrupt data. Scheduled Windows error checking for the next reboot and restarted the system to run the check. Installed all available drivers for the computer from the manufacturer, including chipset, storage devices, and BIOS. Began receiving errors in Windows event viewer concerning a controller error on idePort0. The error normally indicates a problem with drivers or a peripheral device. There were no updated drivers available. Downloaded and ran a scan with a hard disk diagnostics tool which failed to complete, indicating possible drive failure. Walked Charles through running the computer 's onboard diagnostics which confirmed the failure. Recommended

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