Notes On Order Disorder And Energy

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Order Disorder In the universe, energy is everything. The entire universe is built off energy constantly flowing. The definition of energy is, “The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” This strength, and vitality in every object varies. As such, all objects can support themselves, and are active. Subsequently, the brain processing information through the body to react, and the body reacting to this is a perfect example of how energy works. One would not be able to live without the energy being used in their daily lives. To refrigerate food, turn on the lights, heat up the stove, walk to school, drive a car, etc. All these activities require some form of energy. Hence, energy is so useful to us that the different types of energies all support how humans function on a daily basis. Moreover, the first type of energy that humans use is potential energy. Similarly, Potential Energy is the energy that is due to the position or composition of an object. Everything in this universe has potential energy because an object can be at rest, not moving, and still its composition has the potential to have energy stored inside the object to be converted. For example, potential energy in a position manner is how an object is a certain height above the ground. In the instance, of a building, the building’s height multiplied by the force of gravity exerted on the object defines the potential energy of the object to be converted. Another…

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