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Notes on Nursing Halie Cartner, Shanitra McNealy, Ashlee Homer, & Sharee Walker Queens University of Charlotte Notes on Nursing Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing (Smith & Parker, 2015). She was born in Italy, France and spent majority of her childhood years traveling the European countries with her family. Nightingales was open-minded, generous, and valued the life of others (Smith & Parker, 2015). She was a woman of strong faith who studied a variety of religions in search of the truth (Smith & Parker, 2015). It was her belief that helping the poor and sick was serving God’s purpose (Smith & Parker, 2015). Eventually, Nightingale concluded that nursing was her calling (Smith & Parker, 2015). After…show more content…
Speak slow when talking to patients and never whisper. Assist patients with repositioning and environment control, as no-one can heal if they remain in the same place. Always provide education and ask questions, avoid leading questions such as “are you doing better” or “did you sleep good last night” (Nightingale, 2007). Offer food, food should be helpful for the sick and available based on the individual’s preference, as well as their needs. Critique The notes provided in the book are important; they can be used as a foundation when providing care and be very beneficial for healing. In fact, some form of many of Florence Nightingale’s ideas are currently being used in practice. However, many of the ideas mentioned could be difficult to implement for a nurse with multiple patients. For instance, Florence Nightingale says a good nurse ensures that nothing squeaks, cracks, or makes a sound and that a person asleep should not be woken (Nightingale, 2007). In the hospital setting, it is good to cluster care together to allow the patient to rest, but that is almost impossible. Although nurses strive to do their best to reduce noise and promote a healing environment, in some inpatient settings these tasks can be
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