Notes On Practice Faith And Religion

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Intro: In practice faith is limited to one religion, and by restricting a person’s understanding to one set of beliefs, a person is unable to experience life entirely. Religion is interchangeable, and provides information the other may lack, but believers tend to limit and turn people away from their religion from fear of new concepts. The exclusive disciples believe their ideals are the only ‘truth’ and that nothing can be gained from the other religions. Followers of one faith tend to have prejudice and preconceived ideas towards people of other faiths and beliefs and their stubbornness and wariness leads to not wanting to understand an opposing belief when they could have learned and grown. By connecting to other people and religions, the community as a whole would be able to learn and develop into more sympathetic and empathetic people had they not sectioned themselves into pre-designed circles of judgement and narrow-mindedness.
Religious pluralism theoretically being practiced and the connotation of religion being the same. (Source 2) “Is it theologically and morally acceptable to maintain that one religion is uniquely true and that the others are at best incomplete or even false?””Christian faith is merely one of many equally legitimate human responses to the same divine reality.” Transcending into a higher being; a person with a better understanding of the world isn’t limited to a single path. There are many different ways to reach a single…

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