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Akintunde Rockson
Period 2
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This is also found in your Patterns book.

NOTE: The questions below should be answered and submitted to by 11:59pm on Monday, March 14th. Your answers will then be shared and discussed in groups, where you will then turn in ONE answer key per group based on specific questions from below and/or questions using your answers for deeper analysis. We will then further discuss this piece of writing.

How does Swift want the reader to view the speaker? What features best describe the “persona” he adopts? Give examples from the text.
Jonathan Swift wants the readers to view him as a pragmatic and heartless realist who has found a solution to a serious issue. Swift used sophisticated diction to list seemingly sensible reasons as to why his horrifying solution wasn’t absurd. His persona exhibits one of a lunatic, yet it changes once during the passage. Preceding the speaker’s joyous rant about how infant 's flesh will be in season throughout the year, he discussed abortion and how sacrificing poor innocent babies was inconceivable in paragraph 5 which is something a normal human would say. Then he returns to detailing his argument about the pros of eating the underprivileged children. The speaker 's image seems quite apathetic, yet in fact he is quite ironic. This can be seen in the very last sentence of the last paragraph when he writes, "I have no children by which I
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