Notes On Red Palm Oil

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Red Palm Oil or Red Palm Foiled: Dr. Oz’s Bold Claims Debunked
-Anonymous “Biology and Society” Contributor

Dr. Oz, the beloved host of the popular television health show The Dr. Oz Show, has a new superfood ready to improve everyone’s health: red palm oil. This oil, while containing unhealthy saturated fats, is actually great for your health. Red palm oil is different; it “lowers bad cholesterol by 40% in just one month” and “reduces the concentration of fatty tissue” by “igniting your metabolism,” and even has antioxidant powers. The calories from consuming red palm oil are instantaneously used for energy, meaning no calories will be absorbed and stored in troublesome regions like your hips and thighs. Indeed, red palm oil will help you “whittle away that frustrating belly fat.” With claims like these, it is no wonder Dr. Oz believes that red palm oil will be the “most popular new product in America.” Sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, Dr. Oz’s bold claims extolling the virtues of red palm oil do not have enough solid scientific evidence to back them and are riddled with rhetoric designed to persuade you to buy this pseudoscientific product (Health Benefits Of Red Organic Palm Oil For the body). To advertise red palm oil to his consumer audience, Dr. Oz employs arguments and persuasive devices with the intent to mislead. One such technique was the use of slanted phrases, or using language that carries emotional charge or bias to leads the audience to take a…
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