Notes On Reward System And Its Example

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Two Articles Summary Hiteshbhai T MAcwan California Baptist University, Riverside, CA Two Articles Summary The present report is an analysis and a summary of two articles regarding reward system in the organisation. It is very important to understand what motivates people at all levels of management. Article-1 Article-1 is about the reward system and its example. It clearly explain the reward system. The title of this article is “Example of Reward Packages to Motivate Employees” It is written by Geroge N. Root III. The reward is different from in every organization. It can be seen in various forms such as non-monetary or monetary, physical or psychological, tangible or intangible. Rewards can build a better employment deal and also hold on to good employees. It reduces turnover. The main goal of reward system is enhanced people’s trust as well as willingness to work in the organization, along with their productivity There are many types of reward system in the organization. There are some important rewards systems: 1. Incentive Pay: When a group of employee receives money based on increased performance against the assign targets. In this type of rewards, the team can be given the opportunity to allocate. It can also combine a focus on team performance as well as the individual. 2. Recognition: This is very effective motivating reward package. It is a one-time award for those employees or group who performing well beyond expectations or for completing a project, program
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