Notes On Sea Kayaking Force Wind

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When everyone hears the word kayaking they all think about one type of boat and one type of kayaking and they are sea kayaking and a sit on top. Let’s talk about sea kayaking before boats and different types of equipment shall we? Sea kayaking to most kayakers is an unknown place. People who kayak don’t generally think of going out on the sea. Either because they think that the tides will drag them out or that it is to much work to move your boat, to these people I say that this is absolutely not true and it is no harder to move on the sea than to move on a flowing river. admittedly on a river you don’t have big waves but still there is next to no difference in how hard it is to move, and as for the tides unless you irresponsible and decide to go out in gala-force wind, then the only thing you have to think about is the current not the tide. Once you understand all of these variables you can have tons of fun out there after all the sea is the biggest white water centre there is.

Away from sea kayaking let’s look at some of the other aspects of kayaking. There are many different types of kayaking there is white water kayaking that is all to do with what is basically throwing yourself down the most wildest rivers you can and praying you come out the other end with yourself and all your stuff intact. There is also slalom which is going through gates whilst going down a rapid, and then there is freestyle. Now personally I like freestyle it is not really the kind of
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