Notes On Sherlock Holmes And The Scientific Community

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Within the scientific community some people believe that you cannot have a scientific mind and hold to religious beliefs (p. 87). They come to this assumption because they see religious faith as a form of mental illness, which is limited to a certain population (religious people only) (p. 72).2 When reasoning logically one most understand that not all things can be proven wrong or right. Sometimes things do not lend themselves to a right or a wrong answer. However a person can see where a line of thought leads too, which delivers a person to a certain conclusion even though it may not be a right or wrong. Every mystery and caper that Sherlock Holmes solved he credited it to deduction or elementary logic. However McGrath notes that…show more content…
An endless series of causes and events does not make sense. This would mean a continual causal loop which cannot exist, nor could a causal chain of infinite length exist without there being something to first cause the loop to begin. This would require some kind of "unrestricted" or "ultimate" being which we Christians and some philosophers call God. The Apostle Paul speaks about natural revelation in Romans 1:20 and Albert Einstein alludes to natural revelation3 when he says, “I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but expressed it clearly. If there is something in me called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.” With natural revelation we see that one can logically construct the belief in a God by simply observing the things present in nature. The prevalent acceptance that the universe had a chronological origin meaningfully shifted the stance in favor of belief in a “first cause” or an intelligent designer of the universe, which caused the universe to appear (Pg. 84).2 Many scientist hold to the theory that the universe is continually moving out away from a central focus point. What is this central focal point? Christians can point to this being the creator or the creation form which God created the universe Ex nihilo. Next is the quest for the best
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