Notes On Social Information Processing Theory

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Coding Sheets 1 & 2 (Social Information Processing Theory) Coding Sheet 1 APA citation Lee, J., & Lim, Y. (2014). Who says what about whom: Young voters’ impression formation of political candidates on social networking sites. Mass Communication & Society, 17(4), 553-572. doi: 10.1018/015205436.2013.816743 Rationale or justification (page #: 553-555, 566-569) This topic is important because it allows us to gauge people’s perception and impressions of certain cues in the web environment. The research will help researchers understand which cues communicate to people better in the Internet environment. The topic is unknown as of now but can have significant impacts down the road. This information can help sell products, help political candidates; advertisements and the list can go on. We need to know more about this phenomenon because it will help with out communication on the web truly works. We can find out which cues work and don’t while trying to communicate a certain message to people. The authors do not state that this study advances the field of communication but it does get the conversation started about how the Internet and communicating in this medium is very different from tradition communication face-to-face. The authors claim that by researching cues this will further the advancement of how certain cues are used political campaigns on the web. The study does not try to advance the theory but instead uses it vigorously to show how it works in the study.
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