Notes On Sources Of Power

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Sources of Power in my Life Experience is a key to knowledge. It is a type of power one can simply acquire by observing, encountering, or either undergoing an event. It is a type of power that I have used throughout my life. Expert power. The process of experiencing is when one obtains a skill or a piece of knowledge from an event in their life which can later be utilized in their life. As we gain experience, we become experts in a specific role to which we can help others meet their goals. Experience doesn 't just mean being someone for an extended period of time, it could mean having to go through struggles in their life or just by making a small mistake that they have been through already. Experience is something that we all have…show more content…
We have freedom of speech so therefore, we have the rights to fight for ourselves using personal power. We handle our emotions and feelings through emotional intelligence that we develop as we grow up. As a matter of fact, this type of power is actually more innovative than other forms of power because it comes from our own energy. People use personal power as an advantage such as possessing good traits and characteristics to influence and lead others and gain their trust. For example, we would want to vote for a president who has the most personal power. This power is a combination of coercive and empowerment. It 's empowerment because it comes from our own energy and coercive because we have the ability to persuade others using personal power. Comparatively, positional power also has a great significance use in our daily lives. Police officers, lawyers, teachers, parents, managers and even just a normal person has some sort of positional power. This common power is specified as having authority and influence over another person. A person with positional power is coercive, which means they have power over others. For example, parents can make their children do something that they don 't want to do since the child wouldn 't have any choice. A police officer can also use their title as an advantage to have authority over us which means if we disobey them, there will be consequences, simply because of their positional power. The difference
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