Notes On Stock Market Project

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Stock Market Project
Julian Gagliardi
Personal Finance

The whole idea of this project is to instruct us, the students, on how to buy and sell stocks in the stock market, more specifically the New York Stock Exchange. I am writing this information to the reader because by the end of this project the reader will have the knowledge in order to be successful in the stock market. The reader will learn about the three stocks I have done research on. For this project I have invested $2000 into three companies and then followed them. All three companies are on the New York Stock Exchange, I followed them from October 17 to November 11. These companies are PepsiCo aka (PEP), Walt Disney Company aka (DIS) and Delta Air Lines aka (DAL). I purchased 18 shares of PepsiCo stock for $2000, 21 shares from Walt Disney Company for $2000, and 49 shares from Delta Air Lines for $2000. The price for one share of PepsiCo, stock was $106.83 on the 14th of October, for one share of Walt Disney Company it was $91.30 and the price for one share of Delta Air Lines was $40.04 all on October 14. I chose PEP because I drink Pepsi soda and I thought it would be pretty interesting to research the company that I love to drink and follow their stocks for a month. This company just doesn’t sell your favorite soft drink, they also sell snack food and everybody loves both of these things. Plus PepsiCo is known and sold worldwide so I know…

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