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List 8:
1. Proximodistal Pattern (p.83): This concept concerns the sequence of growth. This concept believes that growth begins in the medial or center portions of the body and gradually moves outward to the extremities or appendages. I think that this concept is interesting because infants have motor control of their arms, but struggle using their hands and fingers until they are a little older. It is not a deficit of any kind, but simply a step in their developmental growth.
2. Myelination (p.93): Myelination is an essential part to having healthy working neurons in your body and in your brain. Myelination is the process of neuron axons getting encased within myelin sheath. The presence of myelin sheath increases speed of processing information. This process can also provide the neuron with energy needed for communication with other cells. With myelination deficits, there are different neurodegenerative diseases that can develop such as Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.
3. Amygdala (p.98): The amygdala is an important part of our brain and limbic system because it is the center for our emotions. The amygdala and limbic system matures earlier that the prefrontal cortex that increases cognitive control and allows one to control one’s emotions. I think that this is interesting because it can explain why teenagers and young adults have more impulsive behaviors linked to their passionate emotions.
4. Neurogenesis (p.100): This concept is incredibly interesting because there…
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