Notes On The And The Death Of Jesus

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Hebrews 4:14-16
After paying the penalty of sin, Jesus ascended to the Father.
Jesus is our holy Great High Priest who empathizes and intercedes for us. Our confidence lies in Him.
Jesus has been tempted in every way we are and has dealt with the same weaknesses we deal with and still remained sinless.
Because Jesus faced the Father after paying the penalty of our sins I know that my sins have been forgiven and His holiness has been restored. He has taken away my sins and made me righteous in His death. I too approach the Father with any concerns I have, trusting him to forgive me and take care of me.
Christ as my intercessor prays for me. I call on him in any trial because while he was on earth he experienced all kinds of human emotion and temptation. I am not alone. There is nothing I struggle with that He has not overcome. This gives me hope—with God, it is possible to overcome anything the devil may use to distract me.

John 1:18
No one has seen God, but mankind has witnessed His incarnation in Jesus Christ.
Jesus is God. Jesus reveals God to mankind.
Jesus Christ is God. He, the man, is worthy of all of the praise of God the Father.
Jesus is God’s greatest revelation. I need to meditate on Christ’s words and deeds because He is our image and representation of God. Christ perfectly executed God’s will. I should model my life after Christ Jesus and live, love, bear my cross, and die as He did. I thank God for the…

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