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Martinez Session 1 Journal
As I sit here and think about what made me come back to school, I realize that it was my children who made me believe in myself. They have questioned me on why I never went back to school. I have dedicated my life primarily to being a mother and working to help support them. I have been away from school for over 25 years. Graduating high school was a struggle for me, I was learning a new language and I had to rely on myself and God to survive and learn. I had to start working at the age of twelve because soon after we had arrived to the U.S. my father left my mother and we had to learn to survive on our own. My mom was still very timid and afraid of this new world. She never learned the new language or how to drive or even speak for herself. I took over as the mother of the family. My mom would ask me to do and decide everything.
Thanks to God, He put a nice man in my way. I was almost fifteen, he became my boyfriend and was the one that would help us by taking us to and from work. At the age of sixteen, I asked him to move in with us because he was also saving money for his family in Mexico. His father had died and he was the sole provider for his mother and seven younger siblings. He worked two jobs. It was not in my plans to get married so young but back then I saw it as a way to pay him for always helping us. We have been together since then. He has been my everything and I love him with all my heart. He took on another family even though he
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