Notes On The Forex Market

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1 – Deustche Borse steps into the forex realm The forex market has simply exploded in 2015, with more and more people taking up the platform in attempt to make serious money. The total trade per day value regularly tops the $5 trillion mark, which has also made the market appealing as a business venture. The latest name to buy into the forex market from a business perspective is Deustche Borse, the market place organiser and finance company has opted to purchase foreign exchange trading platform 360T in a €725 million deal. The deal for Deustche Borse to acquire 360T has come as a surprise to many, but considering their current track record for acquisition it really shouldn’t be. Back in June, Deustche Borse snapped up an additional 50%…show more content…
Revenues from the field are booming and it gives plenty of reasons to get excited. Exchanges themselves are now looking to take an increased role within the forex market, especially as new, stricter regulations are on the way following prior market-rigging scandals. 360T, which will now be under Deustche Borse control, began life back in 2000 and has been providing a reliable web-based trading platform to customers ever since. The upside of striking the deal is that its gives Deustche Borse access to a network that is 1,700 clients strong and is popular round the world. The stat don’t lie either, as 360T is a clearly profitable outlet. The average daily volume during 2014 was a forex industry defining $70 billion, of which 360T was involved in much of. Taking a wider look at the market, electronic trading actually accounts for over half of all forex traders that have taken place during 2015. This figure is up nearly 39% since 2012 and it is clear why. Investors have been on the look out for faster and cheaper alternatives and now they have it, with 360T taking advantage of that need. The forex market is in a strong state of growth, so much so that companies are looking to do all they can to muscle in on the action. Deustche Borse has made their move by acquiring 360T in what is a major deal, which could lead to the Deustche Borse name becoming synonymous with the world of forex trading moving
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