Notes On The Formation Of Nerves Essay

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1. Endometriosis: a disease in which the tissue grows outside of the uterus instead of within the uterine lining
2. Neurogenesis: the formation of nerves
3. Dyspareunia: recurrent pain during sexual intercourse
4. Gynecologist: a physician who specializes in the branch of medicine regarding the female reproductive system
5. Afferent: relaying sensory information toward a central organ
6. Efferent: carrying impulses away from a central organ
7. Ectopic: an unusual location of an organ or body part
8. Leiomyomata: a benign tumor composed of non-striated muscular tissue
9. Adenomyosis: a disease in which the inner lining of the uterus grows into the muscle wall of the uterus; sometimes referred to as “inside-out endometriosis
10. Nociception: the ability to sense pain
11. Myofascial: relating to the fibrous tissue that surrounds and divides layers of muscles
12. Hyperalgesia: abnormally increased sensitivity to pain
13. Allodynia: pain caused by a stimulus that does not typically trigger pain
14. Peritoneal: relating to the peritoneum (the area that lines the abdominal cavity)
15. Menstrual: relating to menstruation, which is the natural vaginal bleeding that occurs in women every month as part of their monthly cycle
16. Ovulation: the process in which an egg is produced and discharged from an ovary
17. Estradiol: a female sex hormone generated by the ovaries
18. Dysmenorrhea: painful menstruation
19. Amenorrhea: the absence of menstruation
20. Monophasic: pertaining to
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