Notes On The Gospel Essentials

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Benchmark-Gospel Essentials A worldview is made from a set of assumptions created by an individual or a group of people forming a belief system that guides them in how they perceive reality to be in this world. Belief systems are often created by those before us which; are then instilled into future generations. In today’s world there are many different types of belief systems being taught, however; “there are three basic worldviews that most belief systems fall into which are; Atheism, Pantheism and Theism.” (GCU Lecture 1, 2015) Christianity holds a Theism worldview and is the “largest religion in America with; eighty-three percent of Americans claiming to be Christians”. (Analysis & Langer, 2016 ) A Christian worldview revolves around the teachings from the Old and New Testament in the Bible which; are referred to as Gospels known as the word of God since; “all scripture is God breathed”. (2 Timothy 3:16) The essentials of the Gospel are made up of God, humanity, Jesus and restoration and in analyzing Christianity, then reflecting on my own worldview I will conclude with my final thoughts on the Gospel essentials.
Genesis 1:1 is the first gospel in the Bible and begins by stating "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth" which; tells us that he is the creator of all things of which; are visible and invisible to humanity. God continues to sustain what he has created, however; does not depend on his creation to continue his own existence, although; humanity

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