Notes On The New Management Structure Essay

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Holocracy: The New Management Structure Cherokee Burns, Connor Delaney, Jason Christian, Khaother Almubarak, Scott Shankland and Yeenchan Lee The University of Oklahoma Holocracy: The New Management Structure Holocracy is a self-management structure that emphasizes on the idea of authority distribution to gain efficiency in the workplace. According to HolocracyOne (2016), Holocracy was designed to “replace the traditional management hierarchy with a new peer-to-peer ‘operating system’ that increases transparency, accountability, and organizational agility”. Using this unique management structure, employees are empowered to play significant roles within the organization. Holocracy has already been implemented in many companies, in which some are more successful than the others. It is important to understand that even though Holocracy is different from structured management, it still has some similarities. The similarities between structured management and Holocracy can cause major catches in implementation. While Holocracy focuses on self-managed teams and individuals, there is still a need for the traditional management techniques in some situations. Therefore, work delegation is something that Holocracy shares with structured management. Teams are self-managed but work is still delegated from a manager or leader. This can be noticed in Zappos, which is one of the most successful companies in adopting Holocracy in the workplace. According

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