Notes On ' The Night Of The Van '

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8. They beat my father and me hardly. They hit my face, punch on my nose and grab me and push me to the ground. Then they used big wood stick to heat my arm joints and leg joints. Four of my front teeth were broken and blooded. When I looked at my father, I saw his face was blooded.

9. They pulled me and my father all the way from our house to the outside, then throw us into their 7 seats van. They forced us to sit on the ground in the van. There was one driver, one sat next to him. One on our roll and two watched us at the back of the van. About 45 minutes drove, we arrived at a farmland with two shabby rooms isolated on the other side. That was a remote area and I could not see anybody, neither any voice of car driving. It was badly silent.

10. Three of them pulled my father to the house direction and two of them pulled me to the other side of the farm land. The place where they grab me to with motor for water. There was an electronic wire over there. Then one man caught me on my neck and urged me to sit on the ground. The other guy went to take the electronic line. He used that electronic wire shot on my arm. I was immediately unconsciously.

11. My last view saw my father he was bloody on face and his turban was gone. And his long hair was a mess. I woke up at home the next afternoon. A lady from the village was healing me. I was told by my family that they found me at that farmland the next morning and found his father’s body. I will always remember that date. My…

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