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Vy Do
4502 Leadership Paper
The Ohio State University
October 20th, 2015

Patrick Solitano is a married, middle aged, Caucasian adult male. Patrick is currently living at home with his parents. He is undiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, experiences manic episodes, and angry and violent reactions. In his immediate household, Patrick’s father, Patrick Solitano Sr. seems to have obsessive compulsive tendencies and gambles on sport events. He is undiagnosed with any disorders, but the characteristics seem to be there. His mother Dolores seems to want to help her family, but she enables the bad habits and seems to make things worse sometimes. However, she is also a mediator, when the family argues. Pat’s older brother Jake seems to
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It is unsaid, but she could have borderline personality disorder because of her extreme emotional reactions, unstable interpersonal relationships, compulsive and impulsive sexual activity, lack of anger management, and self-harm. Ronnie is dealing with a new child, a demanding wife, and dealt with Patrick when he went away. Ronnie’s wife, Veronica completely shreds Ronnie’s confidence and seems to control most aspects of his life. Pat met Danny, while he was in treatment, and Danny has an anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, used crystal meth, and was in treatment because he assaulted someone. Danny, as well as Pat’s friends and family have their own issues that they need to work out. However, Patrick is in denial that he has any issues, but he recently discovered that his wife was cheating on him and was involved in a physical altercation, with the man his wife was cheating on him with. The altercation resulted in Patrick being sent to a psychiatric treatment facilitation for inpatient treatment. After eight months of treatment, Patrick was released from the treatment center, but against his doctor’s recommendation. However, the court determined that he was stable enough to be released, as long as he was complying with his wife’s restraining order, attend therapy and medicines prescribed. As Pat’s case progresses, we see many sides of him and how he handles certain situations and influences that come his way. Patrick seems to have
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