Notes On The World And The Arabian Peninsula

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Questions: Notes: Introduction 7th century • In the 7th century -followers of Islam spread from Arabian Peninsula -began sequence of conquest Spreading • Spreading -merchants -warriors -wanderers (nomads) -empire extended to Africa, Europe and Asia Deserts and Towns: Desert and Towns: The Arabian World and Birth of Islam The Arabian World and • The Arabian Peninsula -was covered mostly by deserts -wide variety of Bedouin (nomadic cultures) -coastal regions had agriculture, sizable cities, and regional kingdoms -trading towns were developed in rocky regions Clan identity, rivals, and…show more content…
of chivalry -clan feuds Towns and long distance Towns and Long Distance Trade trade -small communities -cities in the north developed trade links -Mecca was the most important city -founded by Umayyad Clan -Umayyad Clan dominated politics and commercial economy -wealth and statuses were enhanced by the Ka’ba -Medina was the city of Muhammad -inhabitants grew date palms -was established in an oasis Marriage and family life Marriage and Family in Pre-Islamic Arabia Women • Women -played key economic roles -multiple marriage partners was allowed -not secluded -not considered equal to men -their advice was regarded in councils Men • Men -had more power than women; superior gender - multiple marriage partners was allowed -gained statuses Poets and Neglected Poets and Neglected gods gods Notes: -main focus of cultural creativity was poetry -clans and tribal bands narrated poems -some poets were said to have powers or be possessed -Bedouin religion was a blend of animism and polytheism -Quraysh tribe worshipped Allah and sacrificed to him The life and the genesis The Llife and the Genesis of Islam of Islam • Early Life -born into clan of Quraysh tribe -mother and father died and was raised by his
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