Notes On Time Management Progress

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Reflection #2 Student Name:
What? (Time Management Progress)
What is my Time Management progress to date? (Have I achieved my success indicators as noted in LP#1, have I accomplished my two SMART goals from LP#1, why or why not?) (100 words max)
What? (Stress Management Foundations)
My first SMART goal from the first Learning Portfolio was to reduce my technology usage down to two hour per day. This goal has been somewhat achieved but there is still progress that needs to be made. I am able to limit my technology usage to two hours per day when I have upcoming assignments or tests, but otherwise I have difficulties meeting this objective.
My second SMART goal was getting more rest and sleeping before 11pm on a regular basis.I have
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External stressors comes from our surrounding environment and is something we have minimal control over. Examples are a negative work environment or trauma. Although internal and external stressors come from different sources, they have the same psychological and physical effects.
The three types of stress are positive, normal, and negative stress. Normal stress is what we experience day to day. This type of stress is common for most people and does not have any major impact on our well being. Positive stress improves our performance and helps motivate us. Negative stress on the other hand decreases performance and can lead to both mental and physical problems.
So what do S+T=R and Dp > Rp = Sd tell me about how my thoughts are affecting how I manage stress
(past and present) in my personal and professional lives? (Could my personality, internal / external stressors, positive / normal / negative stress experiences have an impact?) (200 words max)
In my own life I can have perceived demands that cause me to experience stress. An example of a perceived demand that I experience are demands from school. This as a result causes myself doubts as to whether or not my resources such as time and effort are sufficient enough to meet the demands. When I perceive the demands to be greater than my resources, I begin to experience stress.
Since that 95% of stress is perceived, we can eliminate almost all stress from
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