Notes On Time Management Through Delegation

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Time Management Through Delegation A personal goal for this project is time management through delegation. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) is a tool that will be used to develop a plan for quality improvement and achieve the goals that would be beneficial for the nurse and patient care outcomes. The personal goals are to discharge all patients with finished documentation according to the certified post anesthesia nurse (CPAN) rules by using the process of delegation to obtain ancillary help. DELEGATION Delegation is the cornerstone to being a nurse leader, it facilitates the work effort of the staff to accomplish the mission and goals of the healthcare organization. The optimum administration of a unit is contingent on how well the staff functions as a team. One study stated the most intricate skills a nurse leader can have is delegation; proper judgment and knowledge is required to effectively transfer the authority, responsibility, and accountability to a subordinate. Understanding the concept of delegation is essential in conveying an assignment, this is the final accountability for the care of a patient. When delegation is not effective, valuable resources are substandard (Weydt, 2010). TIME MANAGEMENT As a critical care nurse working in a post anesthesia care unit the most valued resources is time management. Resources are the means for a healthcare system to deliver services; time is a valuable resource
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