Notes On ' Wild Fruits '

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Wild berries. Medical wild strawberries are categorized as a member of the Rose family taxonomy. They are found throughout the Alberta province in western Canada, but not common in the southeast. The leaves of the strawberry have three toothed leaflets and five white petals. The leaves of the wild berries are delicate as opposed to the typical leaves which are less delicate. The unripe berries are green and coat with a slightly red color. The ripper the berries the more it adds up the red color to the berries. The ordinary strawberries, which are grown for commercial purpose are considered to be of hybrid origin between the wild berries. The smell of the berries is almost synonymous with the typical berries, but the difference lies in the size of the fruit, wild strawberries are relatively small compared to the first berries. The fruits grow wild and are found in the lowest valleys in moist soils of woods beside streams. They grow in open-well drained places in the lowland of subalpine zones. Wild strawberries are perennial herbs that grow from a fibrous root. They are eaten by some birds and mammals. (Jump Start: A Northwest Renaissance Anthology 2009) The wild strawberries also known as the Alpine strawberries are very popularly used for therapeutic purposes. Traditionally all the parts of the wild berries, the leaves, fruits, roots, and the stem was used to treat various disorders. The roots of the strawberry plant were used commonly for
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