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I. OVERVIEW/ INTRODUCTION As a tropical country, the Philippines has untapped vast potential of solar energy; yet in 1980’s, solar application is beyond the bound of possible solutions in rural, remote areas in the country. Thus in February 27, 1981, Federal Republic of Germany and Republic of the Philippines entered into a contract to develop applications of solar energy in the Philippines. This project was called the Philippine German Solar Energy Project (PGSEP) which was funded by the German Bundesministeruim for Zussamenarbeit through the Gesselchaft for Zussamenarbeit, and Philippine Office Energy. The governing body of the said project was the Philippine National Oil Corporation through its Energy Research and Development…show more content…
(Status quo) Advantages • Less taxing • The firm can serve its market segment more efficiently and effectively • Less risky Disadvantages • Opportunity loss • Failure to see the rapid changes in their markets • Passive approach on probable situation that could affect the company’s operation RECOMMENDATION After careful deliberation, the group decided to choose the first alternative, Struktura, Inc. will serve as a local group that will undertake the PGSEP commercially. PLAN OF ACTION (IMPLEMENTATION) Short Term • Develop a marketing scheme that will be used. • Validate the pricing strategy to be used before launching the product. • Prepare projected financial statements and examine other financial details of the project. • Determine the funding and capitalization requirements of the project. • Organize the necessary documents needed in the commercialization of the project and abide in the regulations of the government. • Test and verify 100% safety of the product. • Carry out product launching to introduce the product. Long Term • Continuously intensify the promotions of the company. • Maintain and improve the good reputation of Struktura, Inc. • Evaluate the performance regularly. • Conduct further research and development. XII. Proposed Operational Plans Management • Anton Co will delegate Bingo to assist in the commercialization of the project. • Bingo Dimalanta should keep on reporting the
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