Notes The Revolutionary And Controversial Aspect Of The Book ' Borderlands / La Fronter The New Mestiza

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TRAVESIA "To write to be a writer, I have to trust and believe in myself as a speaker, as a voice for the images. I have to believe that can communicate with images and words that I can do it well. A lack of belief in my creative self is a lack of belief in my total self and vice versa- I cannot separate my writing from any part of my life. It is all one" (95). Thirty years ago (1987),Gloria Anzaldúa published "Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza" . The editor notes the revolutionary and controversial aspect of the book, first because of its context and second because of the historical moment in the USA: the socio-political environment that Hispanic, queers and people of color had to endure. Though in 2017 many organizations thrive…show more content…
Further, for Church one is possessed by demons. Thus by being Mexican and lesbian, she violates her tradition of a typical woman. In an anecdote in page 41, talks about the woman [lesbian] who has magical power and was believed to be half-half: man and woman. Indeed, one common belief in the Hispanic culture is that gay men are hyper creative. Another example of this duality in people from Latin America living in the United States is the constant proof of proficiency. For instance, one goes to the primary care, the first question when they notice you have a Hispanic last name and speak with an accent, do you understand English? Other times, they would speak slowly as if the patient was two year-old. e.g., h- o-w ol-d are you? If one is lucky, he/she will have a bilingual physician who pretends that his/her Spanish has faded away. Another place where this test is taken is in Manhattan Corporate buildings (e.g., one enters the building and says, "I would like to go to the XY Company". The door man or clerk at the security desk would say "ok, give me your ID", right at the moment security person sees your last name, you are a dummy to them. Again, the security person would guide you in slow motion pointing out every single step to the elevator, the instructs you to press the 8th floor written in the address slip you handed to them. Plus, the

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