Notes of a Native Son

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James Baldwin, an american writer for his novels on racial and perosnal identity

focus on civil rights struggles in the united states during the civil rights

movement. Notes of a native son, written in the 1940's to the eraly 1950's allows

the readers to understand baldwins first hand experiences during this movement,

where he faces the consequences of racial descrimination. throughout the novel,

baldwin explores the most obvious actions of sexual and racial descriminations

in western societys. during the 20th century, there were many inevitable tensions

between african americans and whites. the psychological effects of racism is a

stressful struggle for non-whites. it has the potential to effect the well being of an
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baldwin couldnt relate to anything his father felt until he experienced the harsh descrimination himself. for example, refused to being served at a public diner and humiliated infront of everyone. Also for the fact that his fathers funeral was so lonely, dark and quiet, it sybolized how his father was discriminized and baldwin was able to feel how his father felt.
Baldwins experience in New Jersey was very important to his readers because it gave an idea of what it was like to grow up in that time. It also put baldwin in his fathers shoes and have an idea of being treated horribly and being turned down his while life. while working in the defense plant baldwin is put to work with both blacks and whites. The segregation of positions in the types of jobs, transportation and even public bathrooms, " The American Diner" baldwin had went to refused to give him service simply because he was of a different race. given that after trying several different resturants being told " we dont serve negros here"..he begins to lose patience. Turned away just because of his color frustrated hinm so badly that he lost temper and started to break the mirror and threw the mug with such force because of all the anger built up inside from being treated so unfairly. Returning to New York City after constantly rethinking about his time in jersey, he seemed to think that racial discrimination didn't only happen in the south, but
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