Notes of an Interview with an Entrepreneur

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Interview Entrepreneur The type and nature of the business (products / services offered) and the scope of the business (whether it is local in nature, national, or international in scope) The nature of the business is retail electronics. A few of the most notable products that are sold include: computers, MP 3 players, i pods / pads / phones, cell phones, televisions and parts. The business is a national franchise that is taking more of a local focus. Why the person decided to go into business, and how he or she proceeded The person went into business over 40 years ago by starting as a television repair shop. They worked originally for the telephone company and started their business as a part time venture. Once things improved, is the point that they began to focus on running their firm full time. The business's form (is the business operated as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation (even an individual can form a corporation), a franchise, etc.? And the particular advantages and disadvantages of that form from the owner's perspective when compared with other forms he or she might have chosen Like what was stated previously, the business is an independent national franchise. It operates as a sole proprietorship. This is when the owner will pay income taxes out of the profits that are received by the business. Moreover, they are responsible for any kind of liabilities that are incurred by the firm. The biggest advantages are the owner reduced their
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