Notes on Medieval Europe and Japan Essay

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1. How did manorialism develop in Medieval Europe?

• Some people moved to countryside and focused on agriculture.

• Small, independent economies arose, centered on large agricultural manors.

• system controlled by powerful warrior landlords, built small armies to protect manor.

• Landlords also leased out land in exchange for loyalty.

2. How did the idea of feudalism emerge as an historical construct?

3. What role does each of the social orders play in the feudal system?

King • top of social hierarchical system.

• had ultimate control over their land and could grant land to others

Nobles • received grants of land from kings.
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What impact did the Vikings have on medieval Europe?

• they also began settlements of their own, particularly in Rus, which would become Russia, and in the British Isles.

• wreaked havoc across European kingdoms, plundering villages and towns.

• Their mythology as well as their craftsmanship, literature, and seafaring skill became a part of the European inheritance.

6. What accomplishments or changes did medieval popes and kings oversee?

• power of the popes was such that they even managed to unite European lords and kings who normally fought amongst themselves

• 1095, with Pope Urban II, they called on Christian rulers to lead armies to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim Turks

• These Crusades lasted nearly 200 years and resulted in new alliances among European kingdoms, as well as increasing the power of the Church.

7. What contributions did the Church make to politics, economics, and culture in medieval Europe?

• They provided religious officials at weddings, births, and deaths and oversaw important Church rituals

• They also served as doctors and teachers and played an important economic role.

8. How did European culture flourish in the Middle Ages?

• in addition to stained glass, medieval artisans produced wonderful textiles as well as works in stone, metal, and wood • Castles, cathedrals, and churches became the homes of many such splendors. • Bards, or

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