Notes on Objective, Metric, and Target of Decision Making

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FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE,, Objective,Metric,Target Accurate Accounting Timing/Data Reporting,Accuracy of Data,No recording of entries done intentionallly inaccurately Elicit emloyee feedback on savings/spending practices,Employees provided feedback when offered,Employees offer any/all suggestions they feel would help Spend only what is needed,Track goods/services wasted,Little to no wasted spending"¦.as little as possible Don't buy from unethical vendors/businesses,Always track reputation of vendors,Immediately cease doing business with unethical/criminal vendors CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE,, Objective,Metric,Target Avoid bait and switch,Good presented matches good sold,Vast majority of clients feel they got what they paid for Treat customers with respect,Customer satisfaction scores for treatment,90+ percent feel that they were treated fairly/respectfully Deliver more than promised,Ask customers if the expectations exceeded,50+ percent feel that they got more than paid for/competitor simlar service/price Follow up with dissatisfied clients,Reach out to all dissatisfied clients,Get a satisfication score on at least 75% (some can't be reasoned with) INTERNAL PROCESS PERSPECTIVE,, Objective,Metric,Target Verify accuracy/timeliness of processes,Track processes at least once a quarter,No processes are updated more than 2-3 weeks after impetus for change Track operations metrics,"Every day, month, quarter and year as needed",All important and relevant metrics tracked by
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