Notes on the Current State of the American Healthcare System

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I. Introduction A. The current state of healthcare in the United States is in shambles. B. Recent reform measures are trying to reduce premiums and extend coverage to Americans who need it, but are being blocked by special interests and lobbying from staunchly opposing Republicans in office. C. As such, the financial situation here in the United States in regards to healthcare is only continuing to disadvantage millions as they wait for a resolution and reforms that have been promised to them, sowing how a strong two-tiered system with a foundation in government sponsored universal care would benefit the United States dramatically. II. Current Chaos of the Healthcare System A. Unfortunately today, healthcare costs are simply much to high for many Americans to have access to affordable and good coverage. 1. The cost of healthcare in the United States is now one of the most expensive out of countries from all over the world (Enterprise News 2012). 2. This has resulted in over 50.7 million Americans who are currently uninsured (Cooper 2011). B. Private healthcare continued to increase premiums in the last few decades, which only further isolated good coverage from the majority of Americans. 1. Many of these premiums are increasing because the current system is simply too costly. 2. Here, the research shows that in many situations, healthcare professionals are urged to conduct unnecessary tests and procedures in order to rack up the bill for insurance claims to then
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