Nothing Affects Student Achievement More Than An Effective Classroom Teacher

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Nothing affects student achievement more than an effective classroom teacher. So, school administrators must be diligent in their search for qualified teachers, and more importantly, utilize a selection interview process that identifies the most qualified candidate or whether or not the candidate truly wants the job. When hiring teachers, the goal is to find the most effective and highly qualified candidates and to do this certain qualities and traits must be prevalent. As M. Mark Wasicsko stated, “Most teachers who do not succeed fail because they do not have the right dispositions” (2004). According to, “disposition is the predominant or prevailing tendency of one 's spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; characteristic attitude” (2016). With this focus, certain characteristics about Ms. Morrison’s disposition can be identified in this case study.
As the candidate for a middle school physical education position, Ms. Morrison has some areas of strength that could be beneficial and assist her in the teaching position. First, she worked her way up from a sales clerk to store manager and never took leave from work for longer than 2 days, which demonstrates hard work and dedication in her job. Ms. Morrison also had a great deal of experience hiring and working with the personnel at her clothing. She even took the time to work with employees who were not performing well at their job because she knew their performance would ultimately…
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