Nothing Can Stay Gold And The Character, Miranda, Of Sexy By Jhumpa Lahiri

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What makes a feeling compulsive and fascinating is its lack of occurrence in everyday life. The ability to feel such extraordinary love causes a desired urge to feel it again. Robert Frost’s Nothing Can Stay Gold and the character, Miranda, of Sexy by Jhumpa Lahiri, presents how things we anticipate in our lives will eventually leave us, but it is up to ourselves to find the beauty and nobility in that situation. The challenges that humans encounter to see the true colors in themselves and others are also displayed in both the character and the poem. The poem Nothing Can Stay Golden and the character, Miranda, of Sexy both portrays the reality of wonderful and new things we receive in life; such marvelous object will not last forever, and will become their true colors when the day is over. Even though they are entirely different in genres, they share the same truths and struggles to ultimately accept the outcome of the desired wish. The things we yearn for in life will not stay forever because we as humans will eventually get tired of it. The first line in the poem “nature’s first green is gold” (Frost, 1922), denotes that nature is golden in the early spring before they mature to green later in the season. Gold is a beautiful color that it is hard for nature to hold onto therefore, it does not stick around. The author portrays green as a dull and lifeless color that came after gold. Miranda was a mistress to a married man, Dev, whom she believed was the one because he

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