Nothing, Culturally Relevant, Ever Came Easy For Oscar Wao

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Nothing, culturally relevant, ever came easy to Oscar Wao. Oscar came from a Dominican family where looks, girls and sex came before anything else. When he didn 't fit into the mold of, what he thought was, the typical Dominican, he decided that a curse plagued him. His biggest concern, going into college and driven by hormones, was girls – or the lack thereof. When his two best friends got girlfriends senior year and refused to help set him up with one of their friends, he realized that, “his fucked-up comic-book-reading, role-playing-game-loving, no-sports-playing-friends were embarrassed by him,” and that realization opened his eyes to what was important to him in his life (Díaz 29). He realized that he loved writing and if he wanted to succeed in it, he had to commit everything to it. Throughout his life, at least the sliver that we see, the only things that he succeeded at where the things that he committed everything to, mainly his writing. It gave him a reason to live and that feeling of fulfilment drove him to commit even more to it. For the majority of his life, nothing besides writing gave him that fulfillment until he met Yebon, a beautiful Dominican girl who Oscar subsequently fell in love with. Earlier in the story when Oscar lost meaning, after having his heart broken by La Jablesse, he tried to kill himself. After he survived, he started writing again and became re-committed to it, it gave him the strength to recover and move on. When he met Yebon, he pursued

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