`` Nothing Gold Can Stay `` By Sylvia Plath

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The Desire of freedom, the temptation of danger and nostalgia for childhood are examples of twists and turns observed going through life, but it is often at their last moment that people take the time to realize how important their surroundings are and the time passed is precious. Frost poem, “nothing gold can stay” is a writing, underlining the lost in which we are confronted and the incertitude of the future. However, Sylvia Plath’s poem is pointing out more and more the unusual way she sees the world and her own life with her writing “Mirror”. With both of these poems, the reader go through the meaning of life according to both authors. Through disparate personification, imagery, and symbolism, Frost and Plath utilize those literacy diverse to emphasize their poems themes human vanity and the fear of aging.
Plath uses an intriguing personification to start off her poem as the mirror speaks as a human saying “I am a silver” and “I have no preconception”. A first person narrator as if the mirror is an object that express thing from an honest observation. The stanza demonstrates the goal of the mirror from the way it described itself. The objectivity of the mirror is even more accentuated in the second line when the poet writes “whatever I see I swallow immediately”. (Plath 2) Human qualities are also given to the mirror when it says “on the opposite wall, it is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long I think it is part of my…
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